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Songs of Lear, Song of the Goat Theater:

- The Scotsman Fringe First 2012 Edinburgh, 

- The Herald Archangel 2012, UK Musical Theatre Matters Special Award. 

- Highest ranked performance during the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

- First Prize Broken Barrier 2018 Festival Without Border

Lacrimosa, Song of the Goat Theater:

2nd place, XXXIX Theatre Meetings of Jelenia Góra 2009

Fringe Festival Edinburgh 2007:

  Nominated for the Best Ensemble: Stage Award for Acting Excellence 2007

  Nominated for the Best Physical Performance: Total Theatre Award

- AWARD of Szczecin’s Friends Association 46 Overview of Short Performances    ‘Counterpoint’, Szczecin, Poland 2007

- ENSEMBLE AWARD 46th Kalisz Theatre Meetings Festival of Acting, Poland 2006

- Audience Award 46 MESS Festival Sarajewo 2006

Chronicles a Lamentation, Song of the Goat Theater:

- Best International Show Edinburgh 2004, The Guardian, Edinburgh 2004

- SCOTSMAN FRINGE FIRST 2004, Edinburgh 2004

- HERALD ANGEL 2004, Edinburgh 2004

-  GRAND PRIX for “serious and beautiful ensemble work…extraordinarily strong in its vitality and precision”. 43 Kalisz Theatre Meetings Festival 2003.

- FESTIVAL DIRECTOR’S SPECIAL AWARD: “For the most mature acting skills”.

43 Kalisz Theatre Meetings Festival of Acting2003.

Lautari - Musical Folk Band 

The Folk Phonogram of the Year 2002 (CD Muzica Lautareasca Nova - 2nd place)

Folk Festival of Polish Radio Nowa Tradycja 2001 (2nd place)

Open Stage of the Mikołajki Folkowe 2000 Festival (3rd place)

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